The Tao of Badass review

Although there are those guys out there who seem to have no problem attracting plenty of beautiful women, most average guys struggle at least some of the time with the whole process of meeting, approaching, and dating women. From the initial introduction to the awkward attempts to keep up the small talk, it can be challenging and downright intimidating. No one likes to be rejected, and most aren’t too crazy about wasting valuable time only to find out that she “just wants to be friends” or doesn’t ever want to see you again, so please stop calling. Many guys just “play the numbers” and put up with countless rejections just to get a couple of dates. If that strategy doesn’t appeal to you, and you have ever wondered if there’s a better way, read on.

Joshua Pellicer, a self-professed “normal guy” wondered if there was a better way, and over time he found it. After reading countless books and trying countless strategies he stumbled upon the secrets of interacting with women in a way that conveys confidence and paves the way for dating, intimacy, and ultimately finding “the one.” Eventually he became a coach and began teaching other guys the secrets for meeting women, successful seduction, and weeding out problems. Coaching other guys helped Joshua see first-hand what was working and what didn’t work at all. After dissecting and refining the process further, he decided to take his findings to the next level, making it accessible to you.

The Tao of Badass is the culmination of all the studying, experimenting, success and failure, bringing you strategies that are proven to work. Whether you are looking to feel more confident in social situations, wanting to connect with and date a variety of women, or increase your chances of finding the right woman for you, this 10 DVD course is for you. Why waste countless hours of your time trying to figure out if a woman is interested only to be rejected, when you can cut to the chase and achieve success in one fell swoop? The Tao of Badass HD course, also available in book form will show you how to make this happen, not just once in a while, but consistently.

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We’ve all seen “that guy” who ends up with all the numbers and is always surrounded by beautiful women. What’s frustrating is that much of the time, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason why. You may wonder to yourself “what’s he got that I don’t have?” Well, you can be that guy, and still be yourself. Pellicer’s program isn’t about being fake or ridiculous, it’s about real interaction and avoiding the common mistakes most guys have no idea they are making. Simple mistakes that can blow your chances within the first few minutes of meeting a girl you are interested in. Pellicer has been featured in Maxim magazine and appeared on the Today show.